Pagosa Springs History Museum addresses needs for 2019


By Loretta Ross

Special to The PREVIEW

Pagosa Springs has wonderful treasure known as the Pagosa Springs History Museum located at 1st and Pagosa streets. Thousands of tourists and local residents enjoy their summer visits at the museum while becoming acquainted with the incredible history of our community.

The museum has existed for many years and a multitude of caring citizens have made this existence possible. Volunteers have stepped up and made the museum a special place to visit. It portrays our community’s history and the many cultures that make up this beautiful place where we live, visit and enjoy.

To keep the lights on in the museum and maintain it as a quality attraction, the museum depends on donations. It has no other means of support. Through the many years, it has existed through contributions by those who appreciate history and the preservation of our cultures.

The board of directors has recently formalized a fundraising committee to address the ongoing needs of the museum. Proudly, they announce the committee will be headed up by former Mayor Ross Aragon, who recently agreed to serve as a new board member for the museum.

The museum’s immediate goals are to provide funding for a new computer and printer, a new cash register for the gift shop, along with a security camera system inside the museum.

In addition to these needs, they are in the planning stages of renovating approximately 700 square feet of badly needed floor space recently vacated by the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District.

If you have a passion for preserving our community’s history and a desire to help the museum to achieve these goals, please make it known by mailing your contribution to the Pagosa Springs History Museum at P.O. Box 1711, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Additional information can be obtained by calling President Loretta Ross at 264-5266.

Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated.