Pagosa Springs Historical Museum featuring exhibit on Worthe Crouse

Posted Photo courtesy Frank Zellner
This beautiful piece of work by Worthe Crouse is one of the prominent artifacts on display at the Pagosa Springs Historical Museum. It is a must-see when visiting the museum.

By Frank Zellner

Special to The PREVIEW

The Pagosa Springs Historical Museum proudly displays artifacts depicting many aspects of the history of our community and surrounding area.

Today we are featuring a marvelous exhibit by Worthe Crouse. Crouse was legend in his time and, as a teacher and a blacksmith of sorts, he was responsible for producing many pieces of iron work.

He served the community using his creativity to make tools, repair equipment and various pieces of art. He could make anything from iron and solved many problems for the folks who came to him. He shared his knowledge with others and taught those who had an interest in the learning the trade. The Crouse family are longtime residents of Pagosa Springs and their contribution in the early days was substantial.

Crouse was one of the founders of the Pagosa Springs Historical Museum and was instrumental in securing the current location of the museum. We like to acknowledge and thank the Crouse family for sharing this history with the community.

The Pagosa Springs Historical Museum is located at the corner of U.S. 160 and 1st Street. Photo courtesy Frank Zellner
Seen here is Worthe Crouse’s coal forge. A giant bellow is attached to the forge. Crouse and his students forged many tools and pieces of art from this forge. The Pagosa Springs Historical Museum is currently featuring an exhibit on Crouse.[/caption]