Pagosa Innovation Center announces changes to board of directors

2020/09/PIC-Board-300x280.gif Photo courtesy Pagosa Innovation Center
The Pagosa Innovation Center board of directors. Dawn Kolpin and Jesse White were recently appointed to the nonprofit’s board.[/caption]

By Cassidy Crisp

Pagosa Innovation Center

Pagosa Innovation Center announces that it has appointed Dawn Kolpin and Jesse White to its board of directors. 

The nonprofit organization has voted unanimously to add the two experienced technology professionals to its board of directors, promptly following the July 2020 board resignation of Royce Gomez-King. Kolpin will serve as president of the board, leading Community and Programs Development. 

“We are pleased to welcome Dawn and Jesse as new directors on the board of Pagosa Innovation Center and especially value the constructive discussions we have had as a team,” said Gary Hedgeock, board member and PIC co-founder. “They joined Pagosa Innovation Center at an exciting time just as we secured our official nonprofit status. We have appreciated the opportunity to clarify our position, mission and forward strategy together, along with the launch of our coworking space and future development planning of our outreach programs. The addition of these two complements our board of directors’ skills and experiences, and we are confident they will provide valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategies.” 

Kolpin is no stranger to innovation strategy, community service, remote working or startups. She launched her career in California’s Bay Area and has been leading remote teams around the globe since the late 1990s. After 15 years living abroad and being involved in the development and acquisition of various tech startups and industry-changing transformation projects, Kolpin moved back to the states with her husband and children to Pagosa Springs. Kolpin and her husband have been active members of the Pagosa community for years, serving on local school boards, trade skills initiatives and think tanks, while raising a family in the mountain town they now call home. 

White will serve as director of operations and board member of Pagosa Innovation Center, having been a key player in the establishment of the coworking space along with Hedgecock. White is a full-time resident and an active community volunteer in Pagosa Springs; he lives here with his wife and two children. White is a (remote) senior engineering manager with a leading global software company, and previously worked with NBC Universal Media as a lead engineer. 

Pagosa Innovation Center plans to regularly evaluate the composition of its board of directors in order to ensure it includes the appropriate skills, experience and perspective necessary to develop membership, partners, financing and programs to achieve its mission. With recent director additions, four directors now comprise Pagosa Innovation Center’s actively engaged board looking forward to planning its first year operating as a nonprofit organization: Hedgecock, Michael Whiting, White and Kolpin. 

The mission of Pagosa Innovation Center is to attract and connect people and ideas to successful futures in Pagosa Springs. Pagosa Innovation Center envisions an energetic, thriving and magnetic town in the mountains, where every person has the tools and opportunities to live their potential. 

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