Noxious Weed of the Month: elongated mustard


By Ethan Proud | PREVIEW Columnist

You won’t find elongated mustard in the grocery store, but you will find it on the Colorado Noxious Weed A List. In Colorado, it is only found at the border of Chaffee and Fremont counties, but it can also be found in Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

Its leaves help differentiate it from other mustards and are lobed at the base, and the leaves along the stem do not clasp it. Like all mustards, it has four petals, which are yellow, and the plant has a sweet fragrance when in bloom. Elongated mustard is native to Southeastern Europe and Asia, and in North America it invades semi-arid landscapes and is commonly found on steep slopes, which make treatment difficult. Helicopters have been used to treat this plant due to the areas it is found.

Many of our native and non-noxious mustard species are look-alikes for the plant, as many have yellow petals. If you believe you have found this plant, please bring a sample to the Archuleta County Weed and Pest Office.

Archuleta County Weed and Pest is your local resource for managing noxious weed populations and controlling other pests.

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