Noxious Weed of the Month: bull thistle


Photo courtesy Jamie Jones
Bull thistle, a noxious weed, can be found peppering the landscape in Archuleta County.

By Ethan Proud | PREVIEW Columnist

 Thistles: The most popular of all noxious and invasive weeds. While bull thistle is less common than the hated musk or Canada, it can be found peppering the landscape in Archuleta County. 

Large infestations are less common than those of musk and Canada, but not rare. This may be due to its producing fewer seeds than musk thistle and not reproducing from a creeping root system like Canada thistle.

Bull thistle can be identified by its hairy, dark green leaves and its spiny flower receptacle. It is a biennial or sometimes an annual and grows from a single taproot, making mechanical control both relatively easy and successful. 

For immature plants, spade them out with a shovel 2 to 4 inches below the soil to sever the root crown and prevent re-sprouting. For flowering plants, it is best to remove the blooms and bag them. 

Be warned — when handling bull thistle, its leaves may be fuzzy but that is not an invitation to touch them barehanded. The spines are extremely sharp.

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