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No quit in the game


In a recent interview, Deion Sanders said, “The boys are getting better. There is no quit in the game.”

This was before the Washington State game, when the sportscaster talked about the Colorado University (CU) Buffaloes’ losses and Washington State’s wins.

After another loss, 56-14, USA Today wrote, “Deion Sanders is saddened after latest Colorado loss. His son, Shedeu, has had 52 sacks, the most of any quarterback in the country.”

We all questioned his son’s injuries during the game. We could hardly wait for halftime and to hear about Shedeu. The Buffaloes brought in two other quarterbacks. They weren’t ready. His son came back in the game during the last quarter.

My Sweet Al asked if Deion would quit after this season or if the university would fire him.

I said, “I don’t know about CU, but I know Deion’s journey with the Lord. There is no quit in the game. His train runs on different, well-greased rails. His driver is Alpha and his conductor is Omega. He is carrying precious cargo in the cars. He’s building young men, not only on the field, but to live successful lives. You can’t look at the results yet.”

The stats didn’t line up with the football game between Washington State and the CU Buffaloes. Washington State has 17 seniors. CU has one senior. CU has 86 newcomers to the field and three returning starters. The Buffaloes haven’t had four years of playing together. They can’t compete with 17 seniors who have grown into men, bigger and more tempered with toughness and flexibility.

“For God intended that your faith not be established on man’s wisdom but by trusting in his almighty power ... wisdom that didn’t originate in this present age, nor did it come from the rulers of this age who are in the process of being dethroned.” — 1 Corinthians 2:5,6 (TPT).

Deion is running on the wisdom of the ages, not on man’s wisdom. We need to take a lesson from Deion’s playbook.

There is no quit in writing, either. No matter what the sales are, the reviews on social media and the naysayers, we must continue to run on God’s track. We are established, not on man’s wisdom, but by trusting God’s almighty power. No matter what the score shows on the scoreboard, it doesn’t tell the whole truth.

The world will look for another favorite. But as God’s people, we must stand with God’s winning team. His scoring system is different. By God’s wisdom, through his almighty power, we are told there is a bigger game going on. Satan, the prince of darkness, the opponent, jeers at the believers. Jesus, King of Kings, has already defeated him.

When Deion said, “God told me to go to CU. I’m here,” the angry adversaries came out in the form of parents, CU’s staff and leadership, but darkness can’t compete with light.

Deion is bucking people’s opinions, unrealistic expectations, and what the world calls wisdom. We can’t fold under the naysayers or even our biggest enemy — ourselves.

We have an awesome task. God is breathing in us words to spread the Light, to scatter the schemes of nations who oppose him. Our words, His words in us, can tear down darkness in people, and be a compass for right and wrong.

We can’t lose sight of what God is calling us to do.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord (Isaiah 55:8, NKJV).

Final brushstroke: He is breathing in us hope. The challenge is to surrender to God and come to understand what He has placed in us by His living word. We’ve signed up for the whole game. There is no quit in God’s game.

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