New law requires Colorado drivers to register vehicle or pay up


By Derek Kuhn | Department of Motor Vehicles

Colorado drivers with expired registration, your day of reckoning is nigh. 

On Jan. 1, the clock began ticking for drivers who have refused to properly register their vehicles when they move to Colorado or have an expired temporary tag. 

No longer will drivers be able to avoid paying the statutorily required taxes and fees owed to counties they reside in. If you moved to Colorado and haven’t properly registered your vehicle within the required time frames or let your temporary tag expire after the new year, expect to pay more when you finally do.

Last year, the Colorado Legislature passed the Colorado Registration Fairness Act (HB22-1254), effectively ending the free ride for many Coloradans who choose not to properly register their vehicles in a timely manner after moving to Colorado before the temporary tag expiration. The new law adds teeth to existing laws by requiring the collection of owed back taxes and fees for delinquent registrations. The late registration fines and payment of back taxes and fees will apply to all Coloradans who register their vehicles after the temporary tag expiration date, or after the 90-day grace period given to new residents moving into Colorado. 

Prorated back taxes and fee amounts will vary for each Coloradan based on the vehicle and county of residence. Coloradans should visit their county motor vehicle office to find out how much they will owe if they are delinquent in registering their vehicle.

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