Manuel Severo Montoya


2019/12/obit-manual-montoya-IMG_7034-200x300.jpgDear dad,

You were born into this world March 9, 1964, until you had to leave us suddenly at only the age of 55 on Nov. 19 and only God knows why.

There are so many things I didn’t get to tell you and so here’s to you, Dad. I’ve come to know strength, the strength you had that I can now carry with me. I’ve come to know kindness and caring and compassion for others, as you showed me throughout my life. It’s so hard writing this, but I wanted to let you know that you were loved more than you could ever have imagined by all of us.

We had such an outpouring of love from our community through this tough time from everyone that knew my dad it was just incredible to see the many people that just loved and cherished and knew him and we would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support during such a difficult time.

You put everyone’s worries before your own, Dad. You did for others before you did for yourself. Your family was your whole world as you were ours and we carry that with us everywhere we go now.

We did everything together even when we weren’t doing anything at all. I’m going to miss that the most.

You were a hard-core man who loved classic rock, believed the mountains were your church and could find complete peace whenever you would visit them. You fought hard for what you believed in. You taught me only to be strong and that I could get through anything. You were a fearless man who taught me that even in death we should never fear. Put in this world what you want out of it you would say. Always be humble, caring and kind to others, always, you would say.

You were the most wonderful man to Mom and I always. The way you loved and respected her throughout your 35 years together taught me so much about love. You two were inseparable and I just loved to watch how your love for each other never stopped growing.

I loved watching you become one with your grand babies and how proud you were to have them. They made you soft and brought out that big ol’ teddy bear in you.

And just to see how much you loved your son-in-law as I do. You two became the best of friends and I found a piece of you in him. And I am so thankful to you for showing me the way.

You leave behind a beautiful wife, Lisa Marie Montoya, a beautiful daughter, Stephanie Marie Perez, 34, and son-in-law Domingo Nerio Perez, 39, four wonderful grand-babies, Ayden Manuel Montoya, 13, Estevan Domingo Perez, 7, Emilio Andres Perez, 4, and EllyAna Mae Perez, 0.

We will never stop loving you dad, and you will never be forgotten.