Mamie Lynch: All-American courage


Mamie Lynch Mamie Lynch

She sits calmly in her recliner, the light catching in her silver hair. At first glance, one might never know what an extraordinary woman sits before them. She is a true pioneer, a risk-taker and someone unafraid to tackle a challenge and voice her honest opinion. Not to mention, a member of the Hall of Fame.

That is the mark of extraordinary people. They are almost always the ones who are most inconspicuous. The ones who do not self-promote, or come off as being superior. They are the ones who force others to speak to their accomplishments, because their humility keeps them quiet. The ones who see their lives as commonplace, while the rest of us stand a bit in awe. Mamie Lynch is one of these extraordinary people.

She sits in her recliner, a legacy of excellence drawn up behind her, smiling fondly about the day she snuck out of class and consequently found herself on one of the first professional female basketball teams the United States had ever seen, the All American Redheads.

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