Legislators scramble as session comes to a close


The legislative session is coming to a swift close. Lots of bills have been sitting somewhere and now we are saddled with the immediate task of hearing them on second and third readings, as well as settling the differences of Senate amendments. It is a time when legislators are tired and on a short fuse and when mistakes can easily be made. It is a time when we really have to be on our toes. We have been on the House floor until close to midnight on a few nights.

We did pass the School Finance Act and it was funded in accordance with the constitution and, specifically, Amendment 23. My frustration is that we did not do enough to pay down the “negative factor.” I keep trying to find more money for this and tried to amend HB15-1384, which will use the state’s unclaimed property trust fund money to start a new program to fund affordable housing.

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