Learn to respond to medical emergencies


By Lynell Wiggers

Special to The SUN

Are you prepared to respond in a medical emergency?

Archuleta County Education Center can train you.

Archuleta County Education Center has been providing Basic First Aid/CPR classes through National Safety Council since 1998.

When a life-threatening situation occurs, you want to be able to respond correctly and confidently. That’s why the Ed Center provides community members with training and critical skills they need to respond successfully to an emergency.

Whether you are a professional outfitter, health care provider or involved community member, you could find yourself in a situation that might require quick and accurate response to a medical emergency.

The high quality first aid classes taught at the Ed Center:

• Provide the public with accurate and easy to understand first aid and CPR (FA/CPR) procedures.

• Assure that the highest quality of instruction is provided.

• Promote an attitude of mutual understanding and cooperation so that first aid and CPR training is an important and successful activity for all concerned.

• Maintain records of all FA/CPR instructors and annually review their credentials.

• Maintain records of all FA/CPR students who certify through our training agency, supplying reports, numbers of completions, rosters.

• Include the most up to date instructional materials and protocol.

• Establishes rules and protocol for transferring your emergency care to the next level of medical care that is appropriate for the patient.

• Keeps all FA/CPR training equipment in good condition and in adequate quantities so that instructors will be able to present the latest information in the best possible manner.

• Complies with federal, state and local laws regulations, rules and ordinances.

• Produces certificates within a week of completion of the courses.

• Issues First Aid certificates that are valid for three years, CPR certificates that are valid for two years.

Currently, we have Carl Macht and Pete Peterson as our primary FA/CPR instructors. Carl has been involved in the medical field for over 30 years. He is currently the Archuleta County coroner and has a passion for our community and teaching simple lifesaving techniques. Pete is a retired anatomy and physiology teacher and a wilderness survival instructor. Both men have been actively giving to our FA/CPR program for decades. There are several online options for certification, but most government agencies (Forest Service, Department of Wildlife) do not recognize them without a skills test completion, which we will also offer on an “as needed” schedule.

If you are interested in attaining a current First Aid/CPR certification, contact Archuleta County Education Center for a schedule of classes.

The next class will be offered Saturday, Oct. 13, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We offer classes every month for $70 for the combination class of FA/CPR — $55 for FA only or $55 for CPR only. Call 264-2835 or visit www.archuletacountyeducationcenter.com for details.