J. Paul Brown chosen as Republican candidate for state House

By Ann McCoy Harold

Special to The SUN

J. Paul Brown is the Republican candidate for state representative from Colorado’s House District 59. Delegates at the six- county district assembly unanimously elected Brown in Durango on Saturday afternoon, April 5.

Brown accepted the nomination that was made by Luke Kirk and seconded by state Sen. Ellen Roberts and Debbie Brown, saying, “It would be easier to stay home, but I cannot let the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers slip through our hands.”

“I will use your tax dollars in a good way. I’ll tackle the big issues,” Brown continued, listing economy and jobs, environment, education and highways.

Kirk nominated Brown because of his, “integrity in sticking with his principles. He has the vision to change the direction of this state.”

Roberts observed the recent redistricting of House District 59, “was done to harm J Paul. It’s now more difficult, but he will do it. He says what he means.”

Debbie Brown, Brown’s wife of 38 years, said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. J Paul is a good man.”