In Memoriam Talamante


In loving memory

Andy Talamante Jr.

July 23, 1969-Oct. 16, 2010

My Andy,

Four years today you were taken away, we shed tears for we miss you so. We miss your smile, your presence in our life.

We don’t forget you, we talk and think of you every day. We tell stories of you and you make us think of so many things we used to do. Sofia remembers you calling her monster and holding her in your arms. Daddy talks about you picking up bales of hay. Mama still cries and her heart longs for you.

I know the boys miss you. Marino feels very lost. You were Adam’s right hand and he talks about sending you here and there and knowing you would get it done.

Me, I think of you every day and long to tell you so many things, but for now, there in my heart and one day, we’ll sit and chat, OK. Everybody misses you and loves you.

We all have our special memories of you.

We love you,

Your family