In Memoriam-Seth Orion Newby

seth-newbyJuly 8, 2005 to Feb. 11, 2013

Our beloved angel in heaven, it’s been an entire year since you departed from your innocent life here.

Your intoxicating sweetness is still with us every day, and your eternal, absolute love will never fade away.

Your precious, powerful spirit transcends dimensions, as you reach across to me from your place of ascension.

I know you are well and thriving in your celestial space; where the lucky angels kiss your spectacular, cute face.

Every moment of your life was a gift to me and others; I am deeply blessed and honored to have been your mother.

My broken heart still beats and loves as I learn to live life anew, and miracles continue to happen that I know come from you.

I wasn’t sure I could, but I made it this far, little guy. As you watch over me from your ethereal home in the sky.

In absolute love and devotion, Momma