In Memoriam James E. Thode


See you later, Jim.

Jim, it seems like only yesterday, You left us all alone. God called you in an instant, Into your final home.

You were shocked to find yourself, With God in heaven above. The earth had always been your home, With those you truly love.

Afghanistan is such a difficult word to say, Why did you have to die so very far away?

We were Oh so very grieved to learn you had gone away. Not even time to say goodbye, our lives an empty shell, But in the loving arms of God you will forever dwell.

What is God’s house like? Do you have your own special room? We are so very happy your precious life, Will know no more sorrow, pain or gloom.

The Savior proclaimed that day,“Welcome home my precious son,” You worked, you toiled, you sweat, you cried, No sleep was in the plan, but God said, “Enough my son,” you are now dwelling in my Glory Land.

Where Jesus lives there is no sorrow, pain, death or night, Jim, you are home at last, only pure beauty and glory and grace, With God’s loving light always shining on your beautiful face.

When we remember your face so tanned, your eyes the lightest blue, Your chuckle, your humor, your tall and strong stature, We long to see you again and know it will really be YOU.

I don’t know when God will call me to join you, In that far, far away Land, But know my heart longs for you until I gaze upon your handsome face once again.

Eve Taylor

Proud mother of Sgt. 1st Class James E. Thode

KIA in Afghanistan Dec. 2, 2010