In Memoriam-Efren Dorame


My Christmas memory with Efren Dorame.

Seems like yesterday, that you were here with me,

Two hearts that loved each other, all so tenderly.

19 years of memories will never come to pass,

Alive every morning, like God’s light that always lasts.

On Christmas day, we made our vow, the words were bittersweet,

“Our love will be forever, sealed with this ring,”

Our promises to God, our souls we bound together,

God heard our words that day, that moment lives forever.

With your tender loving blessing, these words you did send,

“I’ll be your guardian angel, my love for you will help you mend.

“It will be so hard, I know, that you will have to stay,

Just remember always love … I am never far away.”

“Remember where I took you, South Dakota is our home,

Where you’ll find my love waiting, where you will never be alone.”

As we walked the road together, right to heaven’s door,

We kissed and said goodbye for now, your pain would be no more.

God took mercy on your life … March was time for you to go,

With a heaven full of escorts, he took your spirit home.

I miss you, Efren, every day! With tears that never slow …

You are my guardian angel, my guiding light, our love still grows.

Merry Christmas, Efren

You are forever loved and missed

“Lakota Woman”

With tender love, Cathy