In Memoriam Cindy Gustafson


gustafson-in-memoriamMay 21, 1935-Dec. 3, 2014

Love, Share, Listen

A celebration of life.

Friend, mother of five, passionate wife; loved us all through magical blue eyes; now and forever missed at 79.

Parents without Partners, Kansas City, 1971; in waltzes Ron with five kids, new horizons for everyone. Central Methodist Church, God and family; sparkling like a diamond promising forever and daisies; baseball, hockey, there was no bigger fan; held court with America camping in a custom van.

Searching for a new hammock in the sun; Pagosa Springs welcomed them; never a cross word always a sympathetic tear in the eye; a BLT with extra bacon, warm pecan pie; a puzzle already solved watching the world learn to fly.

Didn’t need a computer kept it all in her soul; helping in Pagosa Springs, plays, fundraisers every festival; Fourth of July, the American flag, holidays were smiles shared; a rainbow in the high country, the shade of a riverside plum tree; an angel of compassion we keep beside us; help or a hug, some words of wisdom; teacher to prophets, healer among us; beautiful garden, mother of the arts; like jazz, a unique voice that will always influence; ashes on the wind humbly bringing joy to those still willing. Love, Share, Listen. — Dave the poet