In Memoriam Ben D. Talamante

In loving memory of Ben D. Talamante, April 17, 1975-May 26, 1993.

If tomorrow comes and I am not there, and I can’t say my goodbyes, then let me just tell now.

Please try not to cry. I’ve lived what little life I’ve been given. And I’ll be sad I have to go, but if you ask if I would change it, I would surely tell you “no.” Please take care of my last wish and try not to forget me.

Remember my laughter and the way you saw me last.

Hold my memory closely, think of me often. Hold me in your hearts and in your prayers. I am at peace.

Dear Ben,

Twenty-three years have passed, time has flown and we miss you. Our thoughts are with you always.

God bless you.

Love, Mom, Dad, Carol and Adolph, Marino and Audrey, Adam and Angelene, and families