In Memoriam — Andy A. Talamante


In Loving Memory of Andy A. Talamante, July 23, 1969-Oct. 16, 2010

“Happy Birthday” mi Andy, we know how hard the last four years have been for us, but we think of you every day, every holiday and wonder why?

God only knows why. We don’t question it, we accept why things happen.

But one sweet day we’ll all celebrate your day and we’ll give God the glory for letting us be together.

But for now we cry for you, we long to touch your face. To sit out on the deck and have pizza, to laugh and remember the fun and crazy days. But for now all we have is our thoughts, heavy hearts and tearful eyes and days.

We love you and again, Happy Birthday.

May the angels and God watch over you as well as your family, friends and those hearts you touched. We don’t forget about you, a thought or a joke crosses our thoughts and we share a smile, and say to ourselves, yea, that was Andy.

God bless you.

Love always, your family.