In Memoriam-Amanda Rivas Stollsteimer

Amanda Rivas Stollsteimer

Mother (Amanda),

I never realized how much I want and need you. So many things we didn’t get to do. The laughter. The cries. The no goodbyes.

I know you’re happy as can be with our Lord all mighty pain free. Just remember I love you, ma, eternally with every ounce of all of me.

I think of you now every day since the day you passed away. I grieve the love no longer felt as emptiness fills my heart. My angel you are and will always be the best living part of me.

Until that day we meet again I’ll do everything I forever can. I say now a final goodbye to the one and only mother of mine.

I love you to the moon and back and don’t you ever forget that.

I miss you, mom.

Lala Willingham