In Memoriam-Alice M. Young

Alice M. Young

11/16/29 to 12/17/11

Our hearts are still hurting; our eyes are still shedding tears.

We have gone through life without you, for yet another year.

There is not a day that does not go by

That we do not think about you and we cry

When we look into the mirror, we see your eyes.

As time goes on, it is still hard to realize.

We think of you often, that loving smile upon your face

Thinking of you with our Lord, now living in his embrace.

We do not know how long this journey will take

But we do know it is a journey which everyone must make.

Your children love you — Tom, Beverly, Wanda, James, Charles, Sandra, Veda and Shana — because when we look at each other, we see a part of you, Mama.