Ideas for 2016


The new year is upon us, and in the tradition of a fresh start with the fresh year, we asked readers to share their ideas for the changes they wanted to see in Pagosa Springs during 2016.

Kelley Cowan Butler shared, “More affordable housing ... $1,000+ is unobtainable for the working class here ... The people that check you out at convenience stores, stock at City Market for you, work at the shops you like to frequent.”

Amber Vasquez said, “I’d like to see the town openly embrace and welcome the Cannabis industry. Just wait until you see those sales taxes increase. And imagine the jobs.”

Dianne Garnett Killen said, “Not to go all political, but commissioners with the courage to put money into roads. And not just move dirt around.”

Mercedes Martinez shared, “Some events surrounding the fly fishing and brewery business industries would be awesome.”

Daniel LaRae Brown said, “Parking lots for all the visitors and stop the parking on the sides of the roads through town and do something different for pedestrians other than them blinking triangles. Traffic is already slow enough as it is and they are dangerous.”

Tiffany Lugrand said, “Sidewalks.”

Jennifer Allison wants, “Some jobs that I can transfer to and then move out there because it’s pretty awesome out there.”

Linda Gundelach would like a, “Bike path from edge of downtown all the way up to beyond Aspen Springs.”

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