Home renovation projects add value


By Saul Rosenthal

Special to The PREVIEW

Q: I think my home needs some upgrading before I put it on the market to sell. What are the best renovation projects to add value?

A: Home remodeling and “fixer-upper” television programs paint a very positive picture about the value of home additions, upgrades and redecorating. Before you decide to undertake any major projects, you need to know how much value you will actually be adding to your home. To have a detailed and informative cost of your renovation project. Check out the https://www.quotecheck.co.uk, they will help you find the best and most affordable tradesmen for the job.

A 2014 study conducted by Remodeling Magazine of 35 popular home-renovation projects concluded that there’s no guarantee you will get all of your expenses back when you sell. According to the study results, a few projects added significant value, but some projects offered as little as 61-cents-on-the-dollar return at resale time.

It may surprise you that the top-ranking home improvement in terms of recovering the cost is a new front door — especially if it is the right front door. You can expect to get back almost 97 percent of the cost at resale. You might even do better if all the front door really needs is a new coat of paint in a more modern color.

Replacing older items in your home — like doors, windows, siding and garage doors — generally produce a better percentage return than most of the larger-scale projects like kitchens and baths. Even so, real estate agents report that many of their clients are attracted to properties where the major remodeling work has already been done.

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