Hayward appointed to school board


2019/11/hayward-226x300.jpg Dana Hayward

At a special meeting on Nov. 19, the Archuleta School District Board of Education (BOE) appointed Dana Hayward to fill its vacant director of District 4 seat.

The seat had previously been held by Dawn Kolpin.

Hayward was the lone person who submitted a letter of interest to the district for the seat and was subsequently interviewed by the board at the special meeting.

When asked what she felt a school board member’s role was in relation to the superintendent, staff and district operation, Hayward explained that she saw the role of a school board member as being a team player.

“I think that the school board as a whole is an advisory committee to administrative direction and works with the community to understand how the school district can best serve students and families within our community,” she said, adding that the feedback is then offered back to the administrative team.

In regard to specific issues that she would focus on while on the board, Hayward commented that the ongoing superintendent search by the district is important.

“I’m also interested in how we can best support both educators and students in our schools to feel healthy and safe and supported, which I think we’re doing a good job, but we can always improve upon,” she said.

Hayward later added that she was interested to see how the district could provide professional learning to educators that makes them feel valued and that they can grow in their profession.

When asked what strengths she would bring to the board, Hayward explained that she is organized and articulate as well as having an understanding of the district’s inner workings due to being a former employee.

“I think that I have a good pulse on what’s going on within the district both with faculty and staff as well as students,” she said. “I think that could be a really positive asset.”

With Hayward being the only candidate for the seat, the board appointed her to the vacant seat via a unanimous vote.

In an email to The SUN following the meeting, Hayward explained that because she had been an educator within the district for a number of years, she is looking forward to continuing that service as a school board member.

“I hope to contribute fresh perspectives both from a community and educator standpoint as a member of the ASD leadership team,” Hayward wrote, adding, “I believe strongly in the power of free, public education and know that school districts that best serve the needs of their students help them grow into informed, active citizens.”