Harman museum to host open house, open Gomez store

By Norma Harman

Special to The PREVIEW

The Fred Harman Art Museum will hold its annual open house to celebrate Fred’s 89th birthday on Saturday, May 28, from 10:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The Gomez Store will also be open that day and we are grateful to Liliosa Padilla and Ray Padilla. If you haven’t yet seen the store, this is your chance.

There has been a rumor going around about “Bullet Bob” and his band of desperados who have been seen watching that store with robbery on their minds. Let us hope Red Ryder has also heard that rumor and will be on hand to stop them. The busiest time in the store seems to be 2 p.m., so that may well be when “Bullet Bob” will strike.

The Fred Harman Art Museum will have a one-day only sale of a large print for $40. The large prints usually sell for $65 each, so this is a bargain and the sale will only be on Saturday, May 28.

Please stop by and share some of your memories with Fred and enjoy some lemonade and cookies with us. A gift of four Harman cards and envelopes will be given to locals, who will also be admitted free of charge that day.

We love our locals.