Grief Support Network to host Let’s Grieve: A Virtual Summit


By Sarah Brown | Grief Support Network

The Grief Support Network will host Let’s Grieve: A Virtual Summit, taking place on Oct. 27, 28 and 29 on Zoom, and featuring Wendy Black Stern, Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Willow Meili, Nia Carrillo and many more.

The Grief Support Network is proud to bring an international community together through Let’s Grieve for the first time this October. The three-day summit will include daily ritual, movement and meditation. Each offering will be led by world-class mentors through lectures, workshops and practices, all specially curated for this summit.

Tickets are free. Suggested donations are available in three tiers — ally, advocate and changemaker. All proceeds from this event will be directly supporting the Grief Support Network’s mission to transform the way individuals and our culture experience loss.

This summit is appropriate for individuals who are navigating their unique grief journeys, professionals who are looking for more resources and personal support, and community members seeking ways to hold their loved ones through grief and loss. All types of loss are acknowledged and valid in this space.

According to Black Stern, founder of the Grief Support Network and the Center for Somatic Grieving, “It takes a village to heal after loss. We can’t do it alone and we shouldn’t have to! Grieving in community offers us a reflection of ourselves and validation of our loss so that we do not have to carry the burden of our grief alone. It is the only way I know to heal after loss.”

The full lineup includes: 

• “Grief and the Nervous System: A Brain-Body Approach to Understanding Loss” with Brian Keating, LPC. 

• “Ayurvedic Nutritional Support for Grief” with Claudia Gukeisen. 

• “Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma: Vagal Toning for Wellbeing” with Schwartz. 

• “Release and Integrate Grief: Breath-work and Hypnotherapy” with Carrillo. 

• “Space Holding: Remembering What You Already Know” with Meili. 

• “How Will Your Unique Story End? Knowing Your Options at the End-of-Life” with Vanessa Johnston. 

• “Grieving in Community” with Black Stern. 

• “The Embodied Dance Class” with Cynthia Stadd Orvis. 

• “Breaking the Heart Open: How Art Heals” with Joy Redstone. 

• “The Elements of Ceremony: Secular Rituals for Grieving” with Megan Sheldon. 

• “Creating A Grief Altar” with Nancy Gruskay. 

• “Yoga Nidra for Restorative Rest” with Claudia Gukeisen. 

• “Restorative Sound Bath” with Holly Barnes. 

• “Bodyscan for the Grieving” with Julie Dolin. 

• “Forgiveness” with Monica Bruzza.

• Daily meditations and asana led by the Grief Support Network’s very own facilitators: Black Stern, Sarah Brown, Rachel Kaplan, Laura Cummings and Courtney Jackson Moore.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: