Genealogy group to hear about ‘Isle of Hope: The Story of Ellis Island’

By April Holthaus

Special to The PREVIEW

The very foundation of America is built upon immigrants, and the most famous name associated with immigration is Ellis Island, where millions of newcomers to the United States began their new lives.

Why did so many people leave their home country to come to America? What happened once they arrived in New York harbor? The story of Ellis Island is a fascinating one filled with joy, hope and tears. It is a story of our ancestors.

The Archuleta Genealogical Society loves exploring ancestors. Ellis Island is a main link to many of them.

On Saturday, June 3, at 11 a.m., at Community United Methodist Church on Lewis Street, our speaker will be Karen Hancock, of Fort Collins, Colo., a national speaker for the Daughters of the American Revolution, library groups and other genealogy societies.

Please join us to learn more about how and why so many millions of people came to America.