Free gardening talk to focus on soil for vegetables


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The Pagosa Springs Community Gardeners are sponsoring free gardening talks throughout the spring and summer months. Renowned experts will cover all topics related to gardening in the Pagosa Springs area, and a step-by-step lecture on how to start "my garden plant" in the aforementioned season. Also recommend the tools and equipements that gardeners must have.. The talks are free and open to the public.

On Tuesday, May 21, Ron Chacey, the eminent regional vegetable grower and an original founder of the Pagosa Springs Community Garden, will discuss “How to develop soil for vegetable gardening” at the River Pointe Coffee House, which is located next to the river downtown.

The short growing season in the Four Corners region can present challenges, but the difficult conditions can be overcome with the correct gardening knowledge and techniques. An avid grower with more than seven decades of experience, Chacey is a believer in trial and error in all areas of gardening.

Chacey believes that learning from mistakes is the foundation of successful gardening. Having the opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert is an important advantage and the purpose of the free Pagosa Springs gardening talks.

The evening’s format will vary slightly from past events. Beginning at 4:30 p.m., Chacey is inviting attendees to bring their questions — on any gardening topic of interest — and Chacey will spend 30 minutes covering the inquiries. At 5 p.m., Chacey will discuss the development of soil. The talk will conclude with real-life stories and information about what Chacey is actually doing right now in his personal gardens.

The Pagosa Springs Community Garden is located at the end of 5th Street near the San Juan River downtown. Decades old, the garden is on land owned by the Town of Pagosa Springs and plots are granted to the town’s citizens free of charge.

In 2017, the garden was rejuvenated by community volunteers with the assistance of local Pagosa Springs businesses. Raised beds and deer-out fencing were constructed with donated lumber. Soil amendments, fertilizers, seeds, tools, hoses and other necessary items are all provided through the generosity of Pagosa Springs’ businesses. The Town of Pagosa Springs provides free water for the Pagosa Springs Community Garden. To receive more information, email

The 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. free gardening talk will be held in the River Pointe Coffee House conference room, 445 San Juan St., on Tuesday night, May 21. Event attendees will receive a free copy of Chacey’s “2019 Vegetable Growing Notes.” Visit or email for further details.