First Place 4 Health orientation sessions


By Marie Rascoe

Special to The PREVIEW

Discover the key to balanced healthy living.

With the rising costs of health care, it is imperative to take ownership of your health.

First Place 4 Health provides you with the tools for establishing a healthy lifestyle you can live with for the rest of your life. First Place 4 Health is a Christ-centered weight loss program which focuses on the four essentials of health and well-being: the mind, emotions, body and spirit. Learn the positive effect good nutrition and exercise has on your overall well-being.

That is First Place 4 Health — a proven program that helps participants think about health and weight loss in a whole new way. There are no pills to take or expensive foods to purchase and you will experience the benefit of a support group.

To learn more and decide if this is for you, attend orientation, which will be held on Sunday, Sept. 1, at 2 p.m. and Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 6 p.m. Both sessions are  at Pagosa Bible Church, 209 Harman Park Drive, behind Wells Fargo Bank.

The 12-week program will begin in mid-September.

For more information contact Marie Rascoe at 731-3185 or Margaret Soniat at 264-4897.