Firefighters receive appreciation awards


Pagosa Fire Protection District

The Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD) comprises paid staff and volunteers who serve our community. 

To show appreciation for each member’s dedication, members vote annually for their peers to determine who receives recognition. 

This year, the following firefighters received the honor of being selected by their peers to receive awards:

• Rookie of the Year — Ian Lewis.

• Firefighter of the Year — Taylor Banks.

• Training Officer Award — Taylor Banks.

• Community Risk Reduction Award — Taylor Banks and Michelle Clark.

• 40-Year Excellence Award — Capt. Kelly Robertson.

The PFPD honors the tradition of camaraderie by issuing challenge coins to firefighters after their first year with the department. The following firefighters and board members received their coin this year: Edward Patton, Ian Lewis, Taz Waller, Jason Packer, James Martin and Wayne Hooper.

Service pins are given to recognize every five years of service. The following firefighters received service pins: Danial McAdam for five years, Eric Ziminsky for 10 years, Lyle Hoffschneider for 10 years, Mark Salazar for 10 years, Michelle Clark for 10 years, Bill Wilcox for 20 years and Robertson for 40 years.

The PFPD, through its members, is devoted and committed to our community. The pride for the department and its community members shows not only when a call for assistance goes out, but is a constant, never failing for those who need it.