Firefighter appreciation awards Steve Voorhis named Firefighter of the Year

2021/04/page-1-Steve-Voorhis-300x192.jpg Photo courtesy Pagosa Fire Protection District
Steve Voorhis has been selected as the Pagosa Fire Protection District’s Firefighter of the Year by his peers. An active member of the department, Voorhis was acknowledged for his 40 years of service as well as his knowledge, leadership and guidance in protecting our community.[/caption]

Pagosa Fire Protection District

Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD) members vote annually for their peers to determine who receive recognition. This year, the following firefighters received the honor of being selected by their peers to receive awards:

• Firefighter of the Year — Steve Voorhis.

• Rookie of the Year — Whitney Peterson.

• Officer of the Year — Capt. Marvin Johnson.

Additional recognition is given from the staff to volunteer firefighters for their dedication in specific areas. This year, Sam Pruntsman received the Training Award for his dedication to constant learning. Anthony Ferguson received the Public Education Award for his commitment to educating our community.

Special recognition was given to firefighter Steve Voorhis for his 40 years of service with the PFPD. Voorhis is an active member, participating in all aspects of structure fire, wildland fire and training. His knowledge, peer leadership and guidance has helped protect our community in unmeasurable ways. 

The PFPD, through its members, is devoted to our community. The pride for the department and its community members shows, not only when a call for assistance goes out, but is a constant, never failing those who need it.