Experience music-based social interaction at Tuesday classes


By Paul Roberts

Special to The PREVIEW

Join musician and music therapist Paul Roberts for a free hand-drumming class at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse on Tuesday, Sept. 25, at noon.

The class offers a welcoming environment that encourages fun, creativity, playfulness and connecting with others. Drums are provided for those who do not have one. Designed as an opportunity for people of all ages to unleash their creativity, the drumming class is a family-friendly activity open to all ages. No previous experience is necessary.

Through nonverbal communication, group drumming fine-tunes our social sensitivity, an intuitive awareness. Focusing on what others are saying through their drumming, and rhythmically responding with our own message, is an exploration guided by creative impulses.

It’s always interesting to hear what arises when synergy among drummers creates an uplifted mood or “collective effervescence,” as sociologist Émile Durkheim put it.

Music beckons us to wander outside the domain of thoughts and words. Music-based social interaction is a unique medium for communicating our deep inner feelings in concert with what others are conveying through the sounds they are creating. The magnetic force of group rhythmic improvisation is like pollen for the flower of musical expression.

For more information about the Pagosa hand-drumming class, call 731-3117. The Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse is located at 230 Port Ave.