Environmental film festival to show nine films new to Pagosa Springs


By Sally High | Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership

The Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) will welcome guests to The Springs Resort for the 2023 Environmental Film Festival, opening Pagosa Springs Earth Week. Films will be shown on Friday evening and Saturday, April 14 and 15.

Guests will enjoy three films by Christi Bode Skeie on Friday evening at the GGP’s Premiere Gala. Tickets for the Premiere Gala are $50 and include all nine films on Saturday. A crepe buffet and a discounted cash bar will make the GGP’s supporters feel welcome as they converse with like-minded locals and meet the filmmaker. She will describe her environmental focus and professional filmmaking.

Nine films, all new to Pagosa Springs, will be shown in Saturday in two sessions. Two start times, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., are necessary, because seating is limited. Each Saturday session is $15. 

The GGP receives films, licensed by the filmmakers, from the Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF) held each year in February. All films chosen this year are about Colorado.

Here is the chosen lineup of GGP’s first-run films in order:

• “Right Here Right Now”

• “Voices of the Grand Canyon”

• “Our Desert Farms”

• “Chasing Water”

• “Mighty Oak”

• “Farm to Faucet” 

• “Counting Cranes”

• “The Seekers”

• “Amache Rose”

“Counting Cranes” is a Colorado production by Mariah Lundgen. It documents the Platte River Valley’s largest gathering of cranes in the world. 

“Cranes are coming earlier and staying longer,” according to the film. 

Bird migration is wonder of the natural world and changing climate and migration patterns are being closely studied. 

“Right Here Right Now” won 2023 Best Youth Film at CEFF. The Colorado production tells the story of “coming of age as a climate striker in Colorado Springs.” “Right Here Right Now” kicks off our viewings on Saturday, both at 11 a.m. and at 5 p.m.

“Voices of the Grand Canyon” was produced in 2022, but is making the rounds in 2023 environmental film festivals. 

Pagosa Springs’ San Juan River water joins the Colorado River and runs through the canyon. The CEFF awarded “Voices” Best Short Film in 2023. It provides an indigenous perspective to changes to native lands and in our western water. 

The CEFF and GGP share a common goal. CEFF says, “With a growing public awareness for the environment, CEFF aims to inspire audiences through films to motivate them to make a difference in their community.” 

The GGP’s supporters certainly make a difference in the Pagosa Springs community.

Round up your friends and purchase your tickets today. Go to https://www.pagosagreen.org/environmentalfilmfestival. Ticket holders do not receive paper tickets. Your names will be at the registration table where GGP volunteers will welcome and wristband you.

The GGP thanks the Pagosa community of environmentally aware supporters for enthusiasm about local stewardship. The GGP is “growing food and community with local energy!” See you at the film fest and on the Riverwalk.