Earth Community to meet Feb. 6 at library


By Joan Mieritz

Special to The PREVIEW

Many in Pagosa Springs have been waiting for this day. There will be a gathering of people at the Ruby Sisson Memorial Library on Wednesday, Feb. 6, beginning at noon for a discussion of the Earth Community’s national magazine called YES.

We will discuss the most recent issue on inequality — learning about five opportunities to solve inequality. The most important concept is that power doesn’t have a finite limit with just so much to go around. If women become more powerful, men do not need to give up their power. We can have two powerful genders on this planet, and just think of what can be accomplished.

I know that I may be sabotaging myself if 100 people show up, but as we discuss, we will be enjoying a delicious cup of homemade chicken soup. It is the best, with dumplings.

The Earth Community will be discussing recent issues of YES Magazine in March and April also while we formulate plans for some important projects that will greatly improve the quality of life in Archuleta County.

We have some great ideas, but if you have one also, please plan on sharing it.

See you Wednesday, Feb. 6, at noon at the Sisson Library. There will be free copies of Yes Magazine while they last.