Domestic Violence Awareness Month: relationships matter


By Carmen Hubbs

Special to The PREVIEW

How would you define your relationship, say, with your boss? How would you define it with your neighbor or kids? Would you say you had a “relationship” with the cashier at the convenience store?

Relationships have levels, right? Levels of how much you put into them, how much you get back from them, their level of importance to you, or no thought at all beyond the 30-second interaction when you’re swiping your debit card. But relationships matter and are in every aspect of our lives.

Relationships matter because they have a complete impact on our everyday living. They bring us the most complete joy and the most complete pain.

This October, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program (ACVAP) is celebrating healthy relationships. Not just our marital or intimate relationships, but the positive relationships we share with our children (including the furry ones), our friends and companions, our co-workers and even those we hardly know.

Relationships matter because they affect us in a way no other interaction can. As human beings, we survive on our social engagements. We need relationships. Positive interaction makes us thrive, makes us want to be better human beings for ourselves and others. The power of positive interaction is immense.

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