Daughters of the American Revolution celebrate Flag Day


By Linda Hobbs
Daughters of the American Revolution

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Sarah Platt Decker chapter, led by regent Tanice Ramsperger, teamed up with the Mullins-Nickerson American Legion Post 108 Color Guard and the Town of Pagosa Springs to honor, celebrate and commemorate the flag of the United States on Monday, June 14, the 244th anniversary of the birth of our U.S. flag. The flag has evolved, just as our nation has evolved, and it remains a symbol of our great nation.

The event held at the Veterans Memorial Park was attended by veterans and local citizens. The American Legion Color Guard, led by Post Cmdr. Raymond Taylor, posted and retired the U.S. flag, and then demonstrated the folding of the flag along with describing the meaning of each fold, and description of how military honors are bestowed for deceased veterans.

Kathy Zilhaver of the DAR led the Pledge of Allegiance, Niara Isley of Veterans for Veterans sang the national anthem, Pagosa Springs Town Council member Madeline Bergon, as mayor pro tem, read the town’s proclamation in support of Flag Day 2021, Carolyn Paschal of the DAR read a flag poem, and Linda Hobbs, also of the DAR, presented information on the evolution of the flag since prerevolutionary times.

Additionally, in celebration and honor of Flag Day, the local DAR distributed 400-plus Patriotic Packets to area first-graders in Pagosa Springs, Durango, Bayfield and Ignacio. Each packet contained a flag, information on proper handling and worksheets. The Daughters appreciate the opportunity to share with local students the importance of the U.S. flag.

Anyone wishing for more information on Flag Day, DAR, or how to reach any of the presenters, please email spdregent@gmail.com.