Countywide Women’s Bible Study’s look at Matthew 24 continues


By Stan Counsell | Special to The PREVIEW

Ladies, have you ever had the opportunity to take a locomotive ride in Durango or Chama? Locals and visitors alike make this a “must do.” Both rides are so full of fun, hearing the roar of the chugging engine and taking in the stunning scenery.

But, how do those mighty engines of yore get started pulling numerous rail cars loaded with excited passengers? With vehicles on paved roads, such starts are nearly effortless — just tap the accelerator pedal.

But, when it comes to an old train engine, the start is not so fast. The tracks are smooth and the overall weight of the train is ginormous. What needs to happen?

The old locomotive can be likened to the word of God. It is thousands of years old, but still can move an enquiring mind in the right direction. To gain traction, the engine drops some sand on the rails, and the wheels slowly start utilizing that small amount of sand to gain traction. Off you go with the sound of that whistle and the ringing of that bell; the fun begins.

That’s likened to the nondenominational Countywide Women’s Bible Study. All the ladies bring their favorite Bible and eagerly look forward to a ride into places they never trod or wish to see again.

The study of Matthew 24 is so attention-grabbing, a wild ride full of chugging engine sounds, bells, whistles and marvelous scenery coming off the pages of the Bible. Already, the ladies have learned about the abomination of desolation that’s surrounding Jerusalem, the horrific destruction of that glorious city in A.D. 70, and the devastation done to the Great Temple and the Jewish people.

At the next study, all will learn from verses 36-51. Just why did Jesus immediately demand that all those listening be “watchful” as deception would be coming? What did Jesus mean that, “one will be taken and the other one left”? It will be brought to a clearer light of understanding.

‘Bert (Roberta) Counsell, who joyfully facilitates these studies, is an ordained women’s pastor and teacher living here in Pagosa. She has faithfully co-pastored with her husband for 37 years with churches in California and Colorado. She loves an openly funny and interested group of ladies that love to learn but are not gullible.

The study meets at the office building of Grace in Pagosa (formerly CrossRoad Church) in the spacious fellowship hall. The location is 1044 Park Ave., across from the Recreation Center. They meet every Tuesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Bring your favorite Bible and thinking cap; she’d love to meet you. If you have questions, call her at (970) 264-9931. Let’s have some fun while learning His word.