Countywide Women’s Bible Study meeting weekly


Our Pagosa winter was a disappointment with less than the required snowfalls. But, what has not been a disappointment is the Bible study for all the women in the county, from all the churches, including women currently without a church home and those seeking just what is our Christian faith. 

The Countywide Women’s Bible Study isn’t denominational where one belief system is taught. It encompasses various views of interpretation so that all hear, ponder and share their honest opinions. Imagine going to a buffet and finding only one entree available. You like what you see and delight in gorging, but you wish there was a variety of goodies offered to make your taste buds go bonkers. All Christian churches have a treasure of biblical beliefs that another might not have, so all benefit from listening and asking questions.

‘Bert Counsell, the tour guide or facilitator of this Bible study, always seeks to unearth things that appear overlooked. A recent example was when the study reached the place in John’s gospel of the Last Supper. Jesus had much to say and do with his disciples. His arrest, illegal trial, horrendous beatings, crucifixion and resurrection were at hand. He knew this would put the disciples in extreme panic, thereby giving birth to desertions, denials and hiding so as to not get arrested and killed.

Jesus clearly mentioned the horrors lying just around the corner, but promised the Holy Spirit, who would guide them with lasting peace. Peace? Just how was that going to happen? Everything would become frighteningly beyond chaotic, armed soldiers, crowds close to rioting, many screaming for Jesus’ execution. The dreams of the disciples would appear crushed, a waste of three years of following their messiah. 

Each terrifying issue would be lengthened into how it also applied to the ladies in their daily walk and commitment to the Lord. It is so refreshing, exhilarating and joyful to have Bible passages not be just knowledge, but opened up to how it relates to one another. Candles of thought and conviction expand to 1,000 watt LED light bulbs. It is so exciting to leave having taken a deeper, yet simpler, tour of the Bible.

Counsell holds an active women’s ordination with a worldwide evangelical Christian organization spanning more than 5,000 churches in 122 countries that recently experienced almost 40,000 new spiritual converts. Lectures are not Counsell’s style; she loves feedback, questions, opinions and lots of laughter.

The women meet Tuesday mornings in Grace in Pagosa’s comfortable fellowship hall from 10 to 11:30 a.m. The church address is 1044 Park Ave., near the Rec Center. All, of any age, are welcome for fun, chitchat and interesting studies in God’s Word. 

Currently, they are near finishing up the Book of John. Counsell and the “gang” hope to see you and make new friends.