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County updates fee schedule


The Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) approved revisions to the county fee schedule at its June 18 meeting.

The changes were focused on the Archuleta County Public Health Department (ACPHD), alterations in fees associated with liquor licensing and changes to certain Planning Department fees.

The fee schedule documentation notes that liquor licensing fees are set by the state.

At a May 16 meeting of the Archuleta County Board of Health (BoH), ACPHD Executive Director Ashley Wilson explained that the department initially set its fee schedule to match the fee schedule used by San Juan Basin Public Health.

However, she indicated that the ACPHD has now ordered many of the items and tests contained in the fee schedule and that the fee schedule is now being adjusted to match the altered costs.

She stated that many of the clinic services and tests have increased in price and that the fees charged are based on the purchasing prices for the items.

Wilson also stated that some items have been removed from the fee schedule due to ACPHD Medical Director Dr. Dave Shaeffer updating the recommendations for what medications should be used to treat specific illnesses and sexually transmitted infections.

She indicated that the fees for lead testing, blood draws and ciprofloxacin medication (an antibiotic used to treat a range of infections and diseases) were added to the fee schedule since these are new services and drugs that ACPHD is now offering.

The BoH then unanimously voted to approve the changes to the fee schedule and recommend that the BoCC adopt the new fee schedule.

The changes to Planning Department fees include increases to various fees related to subdivision planning, according to the fee schedule documentation.

At the June 18 meeting, prior to the vote, Interim County Manager Jack Harper stated that county staff will work on reformatting the way the county fee schedule is presented to make it more accessible and consistent across county departments, something that Commissioner Veronica Medina requested at a BoCC work session earlier that day.

The board then unanimously voted to approve the revised fee schedule.

Quit claim deeds

Also at the June 18 meeting, the BoCC approved four quit claim deeds for the transfer of properties in the Chris Mountain Village II subdivision owned by the county due to tax liens to the Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation (PSCDC) for its affordable housing projects.

County Attorney Todd Weaver explained to the board that the county recently completed the quiet title process on these properties, making it possible to “execute the deeds to the [PSCDC].”

He added that the transfers would finalize the BoCC’s May 2023 agreement to donate six lots to the PSCDC for the construction of affordable housing.