Countless artifacts can be viewed at history museum


Photo courtesy Pagosa Springs History Museum
This tremola is one of many items that can be viewed at Pagosa Springs History Museum.

By Karissa Foster
Pagosa Springs History Museum

There are countless artifacts in the Pagosa Springs History Museum. Each with an individual history. 

This unique instrument, the tremola, is displayed with all of its parts, case and music. The instrument originated from Hawaii and was produced in America from the 1920s to the 1950s. The tremola belongs to the fretless zither family because the strings are parallel and the same length as the string bearer. 

The tremola is similar to the Haitian steel guitar in sound. However, it has a roller which is moved after the strings are played to create a tremolo effect. A tremolo is when an instrument’s tone is given a wavering or trembling effect. The tremola only plays four chords (C, G, F and D major). This tremola was manufactured in New Jersey and sold door to door. This model was sold for $40, but some tremolas today are valued at over $300.

There is a wide variety of artifacts in the museum and we encourage all to come learn more and enjoy the rich history of Pagosa Springs.