Congressional candidate visits Pagosa Springs


2019/11/candidate-Iacino-209x300.jpg James Iacino

On Oct. 17, James Iacino, who made stops in Pagosa Springs Tuesday, announced that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for the seat in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

The seat is currently being held by Rep. Scott Tipton.

“I’m running because Washington is more divided than ever. Nothing is getting done and people are extreme and not willing to work together, and the level of civil discourse is ridiculous and is tearing the country apart,” Iacino said in an interview. “I felt compelled to run and serve.”

Iacino later added that he does not believe that the values of Coloradans are being met by Tipton.

“It’s an opportunity for us to go out and be with the folks that he hasn’t been representing,” Iacino said.

If elected, Iacino explained that economic mobility would be one of his goals.

“Paying people a livable wage. Reducing the cost that they take home out of their paycheck that prevents them from moving up,” he explained.

Additionally, health care, which Iacino described as a “huge issue in Colorado,” would be addressed.

On the Western Slope, many citizens do not have a choice in regard to health care, he explained.

“I think we need to provide a public option for them to be able to have a choice if they’re not covered by their employer,” he said.

One of the biggest challenges facing the 3rd Congressional District is the ability to get something done, he noted.

“The level of rhetoric is so high on both sides that we’re not able to find solutions to actually affect change,” he said.

Iacino explained that he comes from a business background.

He added that his family has been in Colorado for 117 years, with his business being here for the last 101 years and being at the helm for the last 10 years.

“We have a lot of history in Colorado,” he said.