Community invited to labyrinth event


Photo courtesy St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
Heidi Tanner will play a number of pieces for St. Patrick Episcopal Church’s evening at the labyrinth as people walk the labyrinth, gather together in the center and leave.

By Sandy Artzberger | St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church

On Wednesday evening, Sept. 21, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., the community of Pagosa Springs is invited to a time of “Quietness at the Labyrinth” at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church.

Heidi Tanner, known to many of us in Pagosa Springs for her beautiful violin music, will play a number of pieces as we walk the labyrinth; gather together in the center for readings, reflection and prayer; and as we leave. The event theme is “New Beginnings.”

Tanner first began playing the violin at school in fourth grade with a focus on classical music performing at local events. In her 20s, she put the violin down to take up guitar and vocals, playing and singing pop music and rock n’ roll. In her late 20s, marriage, work and children changed her focus and she played no instruments for approximately 25 years until moving to Pagosa Springs in 2007.

Life in Pagosa afforded a little more time to explore her interests and, slowly, Tanner began to turn back to the roots of her childhood. The violin was drug out from the closet in 2008 and although a bit painful for her family, she began to relearn the instrument. Since that time, Pagosa Springs has afforded many wonderful opportunities to play and perform and has allowed Tanner to grow as a violinist. 

Tanner said, “Hats off!” to many organizations and people in Pagosa for their encouragement, such as Curtains Up Pagosa, the high school music department, the Pagosa Springs Community Band, and Sally Neel and Jessica Peterson, whom she plays with in the Night Song Trio.

Music is a vehicle for communication across all peoples, nationalities and religions. It is a vehicle to enhance worship and provide joy to our daily lives. Tanner said that playing the violin brings great joy and spiritual fulfillment to her life and her hope is that her playing brings joy to others, and in the case of our “New Beginnings” labyrinth evening, provides others with a window for spiritual growth.

Because the labyrinth is not a maze yet doesn’t follow a logical path to the center and out, the mind relaxes and we move into new dimensions of thought. Tanner’s music will further enhance the effect. If it rains, meet at 5:30 p.m. inside St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church.