Community food gathering and sharing: Food drive set for May 13


Healthy Archuleta

Even back in the earliest times, sharing food has been an integral part of the human story. It’s more than just a way to survive; it’s a way to make friends, form a community and give thanks for what we have. Communal eating has been a centerpiece for important events and a cornerstone for many cultures.

Even today, some groups can be left out of the time-honored practice of sharing food. In a country of seemingly excessive bounty, there are millions struggling with equitable access to nutritious food. 

Community food-sharing opportunities allow us to gather together to support our community as a whole. 

Those who are able to are encouraged to share what they can to help the Food Distribution Center better support the Archuleta County Food Pantry Network with foods that our neighbors can use.

Join Healthy Archuleta as we host a community food share on May 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at City Market. A collection table will be set up in front of the store with a list of needed items and volunteers ready to collect donations. 

If you would like to make donations to the food drive outside of the City Market hours, there is a collection bin located at the front of the store. 

For more information on the Healthy Archuleta food drive, visit