Community Earth Day celebration set


April 22, 2024 — over a half century of celebrating Earth Day.

So much accomplished, yet there is so much still to do. What began in 1970 in the U.S. some 20 million strong is now worldwide and numbering a billion plus. This year’s theme calls our attention to one of our greatest challenges: plastics versus the planet. We will ask, whose side are you on?

Our local Earth Day Planning Group of the Southwest Organization for Sustainability is issuing a notice to save the date. Our Pagosa community will celebrate Earth Day on April 21 — the day following the two-day Colorado Environmental Film Festival hosted by the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP). 

On Earth Day, April 22, the celebration over, but we will have much to contemplate as we ask ourselves, “Whose side am I on? What am I doing?”

Our tradition is to occupy the town’s prime promenade the Riverwalk with booths and use the GGP amphitheater for events. 

Some prime events are already lined up. For the kids, solar car racing is returning by popular acclaim, and the chalk art contest continues to offer a creative outlet for our youth. And, there’s more to come.

For adults, events range from the contemplative to the practical: opening and closing ceremonies, meditation and a community tea ceremony to a science talk and a clothing swap, with more to come.

The planning group is calling all individuals, nonprofits, agencies, companies, etc. who believe they have a stake in the celebration and something to offer to identify themselves as participants. This call to potential participants includes the hope that our various individuals, nonprofits, agencies and companies will begin now to think creatively about an activity, a contest, a something that involves the visitor in a way that is relevant to the event we celebrate. Please note there will be prizes for creativity and relevance.

To communicate with the planning group with questions or interest in participating, email 

For local Earth Day information, see in the near future as we have information available. 

For more information regarding national and international Earth Day news, see