Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles increases licensing fees


Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles 

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will increase its licensing fees by about 10 percent by July 1, in accordance with Colorado Revised Statute 42-2-114.5. The increase will apply to all driver’s licenses, instruction permits, identification cards and renewals. 

The increase means a standard driver’s license will cost $30.87, up from $28, while an ID card will cost $12.67, up from $11.50. Most licenses only need to be renewed every five years. The increase will come in two phases, with the first starting Tuesday, June 23, and increasing the fee by 5 percent. The second phase will increase the fee by 5 percent at the start of the state’s new fiscal year on Wednesday, July 1. 

The fee increase is being made to ensure the cash fund that covers the majority of expenses related to providing licensing services for residents across the state remains solvent. One of the causes of reduced revenue is demographic shifts causing a decrease in the number of driver’s licenses issued. The situation has recently been compounded by the closures and loss of revenues due to COVID-19.Further depletion of the fund would create the need for drastic cuts to services provided to Colorado residents.

Despite the change, Colorado licensing fees will still be lower than most other states. Prior to this change, the DMV last increased its licensing fees by $1 from $27 to $28 in 2018. For more fee information, please visit 

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