Cindy’s Dance scholarship recipient named

2020/09/cup-avvy-235x300.gif Photo courtesy Dale Johnson
Avonlea Thomas is the newest recipient of the Cindy’s Dance scholarship from Curtains Up Pagosa.[/caption]

By Dale Johnson

Curtains Up Pagosa

Cindy Gustafson was a dear, sweet and wonderful woman who loved Curtains Up Pagosa’s (CUP) kids as her own, never missed a performance and loved the art of the dance. 

The Cindy’s Dance scholarship was created to honor her memory and history with CUP. 

Our most recent recipient of this special gift of scholarship is Avonlea Thomas, in the fifth grade and already a long-time veteran performer with CUP, the high school and other performance events. 

Thomas is passionate about dance, as she expressed that “Taking dance teaches me so much more than just how to dance — emotionally, physically, artistically and socially I am a much better person for it.” 

CUP is happy to be able to provide help as Thomas pursues the beauty and wonder of the dance.