Christian writers’ group to hold workshop June 17

By Betty Slade

Special to The PREVIEW

The Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network is hosting its Wolf Pack third Saturday with Derinda Babcock on June 17 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The workshop will encompass digital media arts and design.

Babcock is interested in all things related to the book publishing industry, which is why she is pursuing associate degree in digital media arts and design.

Effective book cover design, attention-grabbing graphic layouts, book trailer creation and the ins and outs of audiobook recording are at the top of her “must learn how to do well” list. Babcock will share what she has learned in her classes and how she is applying this knowledge to her writing and designs.

The presentation will be interactive and author-friendly. Babcock will be teaching the following sessions: 1. Introduction, background, and purpose; 2. Digital Media Arts and Design program requirements; 3. Examples of work she has completed and how she applied skills for better designs; 4. Copyright for designers/author; 5. Work completed for clients; 6. Where we go from here; 7. Question and answer: Using what she has learned to help others.

Bring your own lunch; there will be a 30-minute lunch break.

The cost is $15 for nonmembers.

The workshop will be held at CrossRoad Christian Fellowship, 1044 Park Ave.

To reserve your place, email

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Babcock was an English language acquisition teacher for 25 years. During this time, she worked with students of all ages and many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The richness of this experience lends flavor to the stories she writes.

Since her retirement, she continues to tutor students in reading, though she divides much of her time between earning an associate of applied science degree in digital media arts and design and researching for her historical novels. She is married and lives on a ranch in southwestern Colorado.

She enjoys historical research and crafting stories that entertain, encourage and inspire. She writes from a Christian worldview.

“Dodging Destiny” and “In Search of Destiny” are the first two novels in her Destiny trilogy book, being released in 2015 and 2016. The final book in this trilogy will be “Following Destiny.”

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