Chamber board seat positions open


It is that time of year when many organizations turn over their board member positions due to tenure expirations. The Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce is no exception. Every year, three board members go off the board and three members are elected to be on the board to serve for a three-year term.

If you feel that you have the ability and drive to become a Chamber board member, here are some of the traits in a board member that we are looking for: has a strong belief in ethics, community involvement and the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce; is available to attend monthly meetings and various subcommittee meetings; can commit to a three-year term; will be able to participate in our programs and fundraisers; is willing to be a board advisor to a Chamber-sponsored council or committee; the business has been an active member of the Chamber of Commerce for at least one year; can lend expertise in one of the following categories: finance, member engagement, fundraising, human resources, events, business development or community development.

If the owner of the business cannot sit on the board and your organization has an active manager that is able to represent your business and make decisions on your behalf, that manager may run for a seat on the board with the owner’s permission. We are also interested whether you sit on any other boards and we ask that you tell us something about yourself and why you would like to run for a board seat.

The nomination process will be completed in mid-November and a slate of six candidates will be presented to the membership in December. Of those six candidates, three will be elected by membership by the beginning of January to serve on the Chamber board for three years. Therefore, board self-nomination forms are due to the chamber by Nov. 8.

These board positions are taken very seriously as your place on the board represents the business community and, in particular, your sector of business. The Chamber board has a diverse group of board members representing the community, which is a good thing, as a variety of perspectives are heard.

Board nomination forms can be found on the Chamber’s website, Please fill out the form and then drop it off at 105 Hot Springs Blvd. or email it to Should you have any questions regarding the requirements or position, please contact Mary Jo Coulehan at the Chamber.