Celebrating the work of students at Pagosa Peak Open School


By Emily Murphy
Pagosa Peak Open School

While turkey, pumpkin pie and football tend to be the focus during this time of year, Pagosa Peak Open School teacher energy went into celebrating the hard work of students. The week before the holiday break included a book release party and a science night, allowing five grades worth of students to show off their accomplishments.

A plate of cookies, a room full of family members and copies of the students’ professionally bound book awaited the first- and second-graders in Kelle Bruno’s classroom. Students read aloud the pages of their class book they created together, outlining the detailed steps of pollination they learned through their last project. Each student was invited up front to present to their audience.

“It went really well, “ Bruno said afterward. 

Upstairs, middle school science teacher Kelsey Scott was preparing her students for the group’s science night. Games, demonstrations and presentations filled nearly two hours of the afternoon. Students worked in small groups to share novel information about space: topics ranging from the possibility of life in space to wormholes and how stars have affected human experiences over time. 

These school celebrations mark the end of work well done, as well as preface new projects to come after a well-deserved break.