Celebrate Colorado Day: Free state park admission on Aug. 7


Colorado Parks and Wildlife

In celebration of Colorado Day and the 147th birthday of the state, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is offering free entry to all Colorado state parks on Monday, Aug. 7. 

The state legislature created Colorado Day to mark the anniversary of statehood, granted in 1876 by President Ulysses S. Grant. The state recognizes this annual holiday on the first of the month, and state parks celebrate the occasion with free entrance on the first Monday of August.

This free entry day provides a chance to experience Colorado state parks and the diverse landscapes they showcase. All other park fees remain in effect, including camping reservations, boat and off-highway vehicle registrations, and hunting and fishing licenses.

To help plan an adventure, use the CPW Park Finder Tool to find a Colorado state park map and discover what outdoor activities are available at each park. Examples of activities include: 

• Boating, kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming.

• Wildflower viewing and birdwatching.

• Picnicking and stargazing.

• Hiking, horseback riding, biking and rock climbing.

• Outdoor accessibility programs. 

CPW encourages state park visitors to act as stewards of the state’s land, wildlife and water by balancing outdoor recreation with mindful conservation. Below are a few outdoor tips on how to recreate responsibly.

Know before you go

• Plan your outdoor adventure based on the weather forecast and your skill level. 

• Download the COTREX app to discover Colorado’s expansive network of trails. 

• If the area you want to explore has bad weather or appears too complicated, help yourself and our outdoor first responders by changing your outdoor plan to avoid hazardous conditions. 

Be safe on the water

• Wear a life jacket. Accidents on the water happen fast. 

• Dress accordingly. Although the weather may be hot, the water is cold.

Trash the trash

• Pack it in, pack it out. Whatever you bring into the outdoors, take it out with you. 

• Don’t leave a pet waste baggie on the trail.

Keep wildlife wild

• Do not feed or approach young wildlife.

• Be bear aware on trails and while camping.

• Keep dogs leashed on dog-friendly trails.

Be careful with fire

• Check fire restrictions or bans at www.coemergency.com.

• Use designated campfire areas when allowed and available. 

• Never bring fireworks to public lands or ignite them.

For more information on Colorado’s state parks and outdoor recreation, visit cpw.state.co.us.

Join us in keeping Colorado, Colorado. Read more about the Keep Colorado Wild Pass and how it benefits Colorado’s wildlife and state parks at cpw.info/keepcoloradowild and cpw.info/keepcoloradowildpassspanish.